sam and i setup ternup 3 years ago as a partnership. the idea being that each person who joins us would join as a partner. it was meant to be an equal place with no hierarchy.
since then one of the projects of ternup, jugaad sensors/caddisfly has been acquired by akvo and is on the way to becoming a product/service platform.
my own ideas and hopes for the organization were a little bit different. i want to acknowledge the people and organizations who've helped us and inspired us and also to acknowledge my own failures.


i want to thank:
  • Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology and Geetha Narayanan - Srishti was the place where all of us involved at ternup met. i also want to thank Geetha for giving me the space to setup a course in game design. while i failed to do that, i realize my time spent there was a good exposure to liberal arts and humanities. i hope to contribute something back to the community at some point.
  • - yashas and marc embody the spirit of what i was hoping ternup would be.
  • Sashidhar BS - for his help and contribution of his ideas especially to use the cut off bits of syringes to save on the cost of injection moulds. this was a great example of the kinds of hacks we were looking for.